Fillyjonk (fillyjonk) wrote,

Weather moment

So the blizzard is actually starting to live up to its name. I went out to the grocery store late this afternoon, and was thoroughly discouraged by the HORDES of people there. I mean, my goodness, it's going to be a big storm, but do we really all need to stock up that badly? I turned around and came right back home, figuring that I'd rather go for a walk tomorrow if we really need more milk and eggs, even wading through snow, than wait for what looked to be a good 45 minutes in the checkout line. I have never seen the place so crowded. But I'm glad to have gone for the walk, seeing as I don't get out of the house anywhere near enough these days. And I do like the snow. At that point it was gently snowing light tiny powdery flakes, and now the flakes blowing by the window are bigger and thicker by the moment, twirling around in front of the street lamps. The weather forecasts are all so dramatic, I've just decided to ignore them. I find it so amusing, how over the top they get. Though I'm sure it's going to be quite a sight by tomorrow. I'm glad not to have a car to have to dig out!
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