Fillyjonk (fillyjonk) wrote,

the Cantor's giant soft-shelled turtle

The secret of longevity that it offers is to sit in one place, preferably under a layer of sand, and do nothing. “It’s a very boring lifestyle, really,” Mr. Emmett said.
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a boring lifestyle is underrated, really.

it's good to see you back :)
Thank you for welcoming me back! I started haunting lj again recently, and for some reason was inspired by that quote to actually post. Anything for inspiration on this count...
Yay, back to LJ!
yah, I thought I'd give it a shot. Tomorrow off to NYC, so unlikely I'll be back on before I return to here, given the massive amount of stuff to do while there. There has really never been a time that my icon has been more appropriate....
You exist! Yay!