Fillyjonk (fillyjonk) wrote,

oodles of yarn to go

Okay, here is the deal: I am in the middle of a rather hurried move, and realize that I do not need to add yarn to the items that I have in storage. the yarn will no doubt bring joy to someone, I hope, and when I retrieve my belongings from storage years hence I will not regret not having to deal with unfinished (unstarted, even) projects staring at me from decades-old boxes.

So. I fear that I do not have a good inventory of the stuff, but I'll be happy to post out a few nicely varied bankers-box sized loads of yarn of one kind and another (generally enough for a project, there are a few dribbles, as well, but they are fun yarn for finishings or whatnot).

Thus. If you would like some yarn to work on yourself, or you have a goodwill yarn situation where it goes to and you will be happy to administrate that, I will be overjoyed to send you/y'all a box tomorrow or Saturday. Please reply to this post by Friday evening, and yarn shall be yours....... :)
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