Fillyjonk (fillyjonk) wrote,


I bundled myself up and ventured out, and I have to say it was pretty neat! The snow is lovely and powdery and collected up in some impressive drifts. I liked it until I turned my face into a gust of wind - that is when decided it was time to come home. Nothing like icy little particles being driven by gale force wind into your eyes to make the evening suddenly seem a lot less fun.

There are little drifts of snow between the panes of the the living-room window, and one can see perfect little flakes shining and sparkling. I get way too carried away by such things. But this is the first proper snow of the season, so I can't help myself. I'll be more sedate next time around.
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really?? good for you! hehe. i have had absolutely no desire to go outside today, haha. and that is exactly why i am getting a nice protective layer of fat 'round my belly! ;) it's so cold :/
But maybe I won't be going for any long walks today. It's still snowing out there, and I see what they mean by white-out conditions, and aside from the four snowplows that come noisily by every hour or so, there is no sign of life on the street. And this is supposed to go on all day. How much snow will there be by the end of it?
it looks so pretty outside but I couldn't get the front door open due to a snowdrift.

So I'm pouring another cup of coffee and taking a moment before venturing out the back door. If that doesn't work, there's always the window :)
The folks at the gas station across the road have just opened up, and they have their little bobcat plow hard at work. It's a good way to get a real sense of how high the snow actually is. And it looks pretty high. Plus, it just keeps on coming. I think that if I DO go out, maybe I should wear my ski pants. They don't get a whole lot of use, and this seems like a good occasion.

And my window keeps frosting up. It's pretty, but I'd prefer to actually see out.