Fillyjonk (fillyjonk) wrote,

Boys and their thing

I went to a poetry reading the other night, something I've not done in a long, loong time - since college, just to give (some of you) an idea. So it was fun. But. It was all boys reading their stuff, and I'd say 70% of it was about their penis. And I'm not talking generally about sex, or the process of 'getting someone' or whatnot. No, their penis. I'm baffled. I suppose I'm as fond as the next person of my private parts, and very well might write an ode were I inclined to write at all. But surely it woudn't be the majority of what I'd write.

Gay and straight, by the way. Actually, one of the straight boys was the only one that wasn't penis-obsessed. I don't know why that surprised me.
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ah boys will be boys... so to speak.

Next time mentally replace the word penis with potato. And see how long you can keep from giggling.

I was having a hard time keeping myself from giggling as was, believe me. But this potato idea....I think I'd be sputtering my beer all over the place, and rather embarrass my companions....

I was with boys, too. I wonder, I wonder what it would be like to go out with them and have women do the equivalent. I'm just hazarding a guess here, but I'm pretty sure they'd be squirming. Ah, I wish I could subject them to that sort of thing. Alas, I don't know where to find it, myself, and to get them to go...

Not that I was squirming. More just amazed.
penis pan, penis pan... dick pan? Penis pan...
I swear, from the moment little boys can grab their penises, they never let go of them (physically and/or verbally).
It's just so funny! I've spoken with a friend who has a three-year-old boy about this - never having had little brothers, I didn't realize. I'm just amazed that it follows them into adulthood