Fillyjonk (fillyjonk) wrote,

I must stop this lurking business

That is what I've been doing on lj. Lurking. I read other people's posts, and just can't be bothered to write any of my own. But I'm ending that right now, for whatever mysterious reason. Well, for one, I actually have something to say, though it being so much past my regular bedtime (or at any rate, a few minutes), I'd probably do better waiting till I was a little more coherent. But - here is the story! I'm going to Ukraine! Next week! For two months! Yikes!
There are twists and complications involved (in my mind), which I'll bore you all with some other time. The main thing is, though, I have a plan!
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There are twists and complications involved (in my mind), which I'll bore you all with some other time.

I await the long post eagerly.
never happy, are you? :)
What's that supposed to mean?
Weeeelllllll, I finally write something in lj, and instead of being conGRAtulated and CODDled, it's all PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE to write more.

Maybe I'll manage later, but in the mean time, I'm behind (what's new?) with Lenwork....
Wow! The Ukraine? Next week?

Will you have email there? (Not that I actually email anyone, but you know, I could)
oh, lord, I HOPE I'll have e-mail. Ukraine is a big place, plenty of proper cities, I'm sure I'll be in a place with internet cafes, at the very least. Better yet would be to be connected from home/office, but who knows....
and if I do, just think how exciting it would be to write me! We can compare frigid temperatures! (Unless I'm in Odessa or Simferopol, in which case maybe I won't have to dress like a bear)
oohh.. the land of my people! (well my parents.. 'my' people are from Queens I guess...). where in the Ukraine are you going...? hopefully Crimea (is that part of the Ukraine anymore? darn those moving borders...!) in which case you can bring a swimsuit! ;)
Where were 'your people' from? I haven't a clue where I'll be sent, which makes it all rather exciting - and the packing challenging. Odessa, or Luhansk? Carpathians, or Crimea? I guess, as always, layering is the answer...
my mom's from Lviv, my dad is from a town a couple of hours outside Kiev. They met in NYC, on the lower east side.

Your trip sounds like such an adventure.. you'll have to post more, when you have the info! :)