Fillyjonk (fillyjonk) wrote,

78 weeks later

Well, AceofKittens, this is proof that prodding DOES work. Feeling a bit rusty at this lj thing, but that is really the least one could expect.

I'm having a champagne hangover this morning, dragging my feet to leave for work, as it is a day of not-precisely-scheduled, so possibly multiple-hour-long meetings with our accountant/financial guy on our new responsibilities in program administration. Among the many increased responsibilities, I may add. Nothing else is increasing as far as I can tell - no more money, no more hours in the day. Oh - yes, a new staff person, but very peculiar it all is. On the up side, a friend of mine has just asked for my cv for a short-term research position that would be really amazing to get. Politically challenging (might be too trouble than its worth, actually), but something other than the present plodding.

Brussels is treating me to another gray day - the week started with marvelous scarlet dawns, but too many of those in a row are really too much to ask for in this part of the world.
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